DR.  S.  Y.  EVANS

Database of Black Women's Autobiography

Poetry Anthologies and Sources 

Black Women Poets – Triangulated Sources

1. Harlem Renaiss & Beyond: Lit. Bio of 100 BW Writers, 1900-45 (L. Roses, R. Rudolph) 60 poets

2. Black Women in America Encyclopedia (D. G. White) 56 writers

3. Norton Anthology (Gates) 51 writers

4. Oxford Anthology of African American Poetry (A. Rampersad) 34 poets

5. Best 100 African American Poems (N. Giovanni) 34 poets

6. Vintage Book of African American Poetry (M. Harper) 16 poets

7. Furious Flower: Af Am Poetry, Black Arts Movement to Present (J. Gabbin) 17 poets

8. Black Arts Movement Reader (Bracey, Sanchez, & Smethurst) 15 poets

9. Black Women Writers (M. Evans) 15 writers

10. For Harriet (Blog) 15 poets

11. Book of American Negro Poetry (J. W. Johnson) 7 poets

12. “Teaching Four African American Female Poets in Context (F. Delancy) 4 poets

13. New Negro (Locke) 3 poets

14. Angels of Ascent: Norton Anthology of Contemp. Af. Am. (C. H. Rowell)

15.  Jazz Poetry Anthology (Feinstein & Komunyakka)

1. Black Sister: Poetry by African American Women, 1746-1980 (E. Stetson) 58 poets

2. Inventing Blk Wom: Af. Am. Wom.Poets & Self-Rep., 1877-2000 (A. M. Mance)

3. “Black Women Poets from Wheatley to Walker” (G. Hull) 21 poets

1. Academy of American Poets 22 poets

2. Poetry Foundation 16 poets

3. Library of Congress – Black women writers with over 10 author citations 21 poets

Poet Memoirs

Evans, Stephanie Y. (2015) "Healing Traditions in Black Women's Writing: Resources for Poetry Therapy." 

Journal of Poetry Therapy. vol. 28, no. 3 July, pp. 1-14. 


SpelmanTalk PowerPoint

The Audacity of Wellness: Readings in Black Women's Mental Health


Samples of Revolutionary  Petunias Poems


Angelou, Maya Silence I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969)

Johnson-Sirleaf, Ellen Humanizaiton This Child Will Be Great (2009)

Willis, Jan Choice Dreaming Me: Black, Baptist, and Buddhist (2012)


Sonia Sanchez Memory Haikuography (2010)

Nikki Giovanni Prevail Nikki-Rosa (1969) We are Virginia Tech (2007)

Staceyann Chin Conviction Three Frenzied Days (2005)


Nina Simone Bitterness Four Women (1966) M

ary J. Blige Aggravation Therapy (2014)

Angelique Kidjo Time Djin Djin (2007)