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Over 500 Black Women's narratives from Around the World is an online resource to encourage research grounded in Black women's life stories. This open access database enhances narrative study and broadens the genres of autobiography, memoir, and epistolary writing. Most importantly, this website inspires the next generation of authors to read and write life stories for empowerment. MEMOIRS ARE MENTORS!  Dr. Stephanie Evans, Professor and Director of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) at Georgia State University created and curates the site to teach about #HistoricalWellness.

In the tradition of Sesheta, the Egyptian goddess known as "lady of the house of books," this library gathers together a chorus of voices from around the world and Africana women's stories are as numerous as the spots on Sesheta's leopard print dress. The main theme of these stories is what Anna Julia Cooper calls regeneration. Every woman has an epic story and through life history research, we reflect on our past,  locate our inner strength, and project hope for the future.

The possibilities for storytelling are limitless. Examples below offer an introduction to the ways Black women's narratives can be engaged to produce traditional scholarship like books and articles, as well as to create innovative scholarship in digital humanities. ENJOY! 

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